Pitch Bookings

This policy establishes the rules by which coaching managers request access to Pitch in passage west GAA

This policy applies to all age groups of the club which include boys and girls juvenile, ladies and men’s adult
sections in relation to the booking of the Astro, Sandbased, Training and Main pitches.


  • Bookings transparent to all managers and grounds staff
  • Facilitate training for all age groups
  • Facilitate all scheduled home matches
  • Protection of the Main pitch:
    • Manage overall traffic on pitch
    • Avoid straight line drills
    • No heavy physical training
  • Avoid conflict
  • Safety of everyone on Passage GAA grounds
  • Avoid car parking congestion
  • Respect for the property and residents of Maulbaun
  • Avoid loss of training equipment
  • Training Pitch to be maintained to the same standard as Sandbased pitch and lined

All coaches/managers must adhere to the following:

Booking Process

  • All bookings be made in advance using the online Skedda System
  • Current bookings are visible on Passage GAA Website at this link here .
  • Only nominated Pitch Booking Contacts can make a pitch bookings.
  • Only the team with a valid booking is entitled to use the pitch facility for the allocated time.
  • Booking times should be respected and adhered to. (E.g. Groups should not overrun)
  • Bookings can be modified and moved with agreement from the managers holding bookings affected by the move.

Pitch Allocations

  • Training Pitch
    • To be used primarily by U5 -> U10 groups boys and girls for matches and training
    • To be used for Gaelic for Mothers training
    • Can be used by all other groups if their allocated pitch is not available and training pitch is available
  • Sandbased Pitch
    • To be used primarily by U11->U14 groups boys and girls for matches and training
    • U15->U18 boys and girls training
    • Can be used by all other groups if their allocated pitch is not available and Sandbased pitch is available
  • Main Pitch can be used:
    • By Junior Adults (Mens and Ladies) for Training. No heavy physical training. (That needs to be done elsewhere) No other group allowed train on the main pitch.
    • For Matches for U15 up to Adults
    • For matches U12-> U 14 league semifinals and finals, or any championship game
    • By lower age groups for matches only if sandbased and training pitch are not available
  • Astro can be used by any group

Booking Congestion

  • The same pitches can be shared for training amongst different groups with the agreements of the respective team managers
  • Disruption to regular scheduled training session bookings should be avoided where possible. The default position is that the manager requiring a match on a pitch that is not available should reschedule for another date/time
  • Where a reschedule is not possible and any of the permitted pitches are not available due to training sessions, the match will trump the training session. The manager needing the pitch for a match must inform all managers/coaches affected by the move in advance, that that the displaced group have adequate time to move, reschedule their session

Age GroupPitch Booking Contact
Senior (Mens or Ladies)Eoin Barry (086-8503410), Carolyn Mullane (087-9861246)
U21Eoin Barry (086-8503410), Carolyn Mullane (087-9861246)
U16, U17, U18Kevin Barry (086-3950060)
U13, U14, U15Eoin Barry (086-8503410), Cliona Murphy (087-9352915)
U10, U11, U12Joe O'Driscoll (087-6473898)
U6, U7, U8, U9Andrew Moynihan (087-2341966)

Note: There is no differentiation between mens, ladies, girls or boys. For example, if the U21 ladies need to book a pitch they can contact either Eoin or Carolyn. 

Coaches can view Skedda directly by visiting the following link: click here


Hurleys – Geoff Collier – 086-3891337

Sliotars – Dave Maxwell – 087-9879604

Medical Bag Restock – Dave Maxwell – 087-9879604