One Club Contact Information

Passage West GAA recently moved to the “One Club” structure. The former senior, ladies, and juvenile committees, now sit under one umbrella. The executive are tasked with deciding on the strategic direction of the club, while each management pillar is responsible for their respective section. The club executive, and five pillars, with associated leaders, are listed below.

Executive Responsibilities:

  • Take overall responsibility for the direction the club is heading in
  • Define club policy
  • Create short, medium and long term visions for the club, executed through agreed development plans
  • Sanction & prioritise capital projects
  • Advisory role to leads of each pillar
  • Manage issues escalated from management team
  • Adjudicate on disciplinary issues
  • Ensuring best standards are prioritised in terms of accountability, transparency discipline and player welfare
  • The executive is made up of 5 people with the best interest of the club at heart.

Management Team Responsibilities

  • Lead and organise the operations team of their pillar
  • Execution of club development plan (relative to pillar)
  • Ensure adherence to club policies (relative to pillar)
  • Ensure regular communication between pillars
  • Management of day to day operations (relative to pillar)
  • Operate within budgets approved by finance team