Coach’s Corner

Pasáiste Óg Player Pathway

The purpose of the Player Pathway is to provide framework to help maximise the potential of every Passage West footballer and hurler. The Pathway is player centric, coach driven and supported by administration and science. The Pathway defines development stages, and guides Managers, Coaches & Parents who play an active role in the development of players through each stage. Focus is on the development of players, technically, physically, psychologically and tactically. Awareness is brought to the physical development of players and takes advantage of developmental windows during the human growth lifecycle where players are more susceptible and responsive to particular types of training. We hope this will provide assistance in ensuring the development of all players to reach their full potential, from their first introduction to Gaelic games at nursery level, up to the adult teams and beyond.
Click here to view the Player Pathway Document

Coaching Guidelines

The training development committee have prepared a number of coaching guideline documents. You can view each document by clicking the respective links below.

Coaching Guidelines U5/6: Click Here

Coaching Guidelines U7: Click Here

Coaching Guidelines U8: Click Here

Coaching Guidelines U9: Click Here

Coaching Guidelines U10/11: Click Here

Coaching Guidelines U12/13: Click Here

Coaching Guidelines U14/15: Click Here

Coaching Guidelines U16/17: Click Here