Club History

Passage West GAA is a Gaelic Athletic Association club based in the town of Passage WestCounty CorkRepublic of Ireland. The club fields teams in both Gaelic footballhurling and camogie. It is a member of the Seandún division of Cork GAA. The originally was a member of the Carrigdhoun prior to transferring to Seandún. The club is currently playing Junior Football and Junior Hurling and is the reigning Seandún Junior A Football Champion. It also has ladies football teams from under 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, Minor, under 21, Junior. it has won ladies football Counties in under 12, under 16 Plus Mid Cork Junior League.


Passage West GAA club was founded in 1885. Three men Dan Huggins, Mattie Fitzpatrick and Dave O’Neill decided to approach a local farmer known to have a great deal of in interest in Hurling. The farmer in question was Ned Cadogan of Park Farm. The three men asked Mr. Cadogan for the use of land as a playing pitch for hurling.

The following week the three men met again with other enthusiastic gaels and set about setting up a committee with responsibility for affiliating the new club to the Cork County board of the GAA and, subsequently, for the running the affairs of the club. The historic first officers of the Passage West club were:

  • Chairman: Ned Cadogan
  • Vice Chairman: Thade Lane
  • Hon. Secretary: Jack McCarthy
  • Hon. Treasurer: Con Spillane

The three founder members, Dan Huggins, Mattie Fitzpatrick and Dave O’Neill acted as committee members. The first decision made was that the club colours would be green and white. The first set of jerseys worn by the club was a white jersey with a large green star on the front. The first pitch used was on the land of the chairman Ned Cadogan adjoining Rathanker Road in Monkstown. The pitch was the home to the club for the next thirty years and was also the venue for a historic match in 1896; a game between Redmonds and Blackrock that attracted up to 15 thousand people – the largest crowd ever known to assemble for any event in Passage. People came from Cloyne, Midleton and all parts of the county to witness the contest. Such was the crowd in Passage that the local constabulary authorities in anticipation of a breach of the peace, made an order that all pubs and hotels could not open for liquor between 10 am and 10 pm. Over 100 men from the Royal Irish Constabulary were also drafted into the town to keep the peace. Redmonds won the contest by 1-3 to 4 points.

In 1887, the committee felt that the team was adequately prepared to enter in the first ever Cork senior hurling championship, playing Charleville in the first round. Passage beat Charleville by 1-0 to 0-0 but Charlville put in a protest to Cork County Board on the following grounds:

  1. Passage had men playing who were not residing in the parish
  2. the decisions of the referee on the occasion

Both objections were subsequently thrown out. Passage played Cloyne in round 2, winning 3-7 to 0-0. In the next two rounds, Passage defeated Inniscarra and Little Island thus qualifying to meet Tower Street in the semi-final. Passage played and beat Tower street 3-4 to 1-6, thus were in the final.

Meanwhile on the other side of the draw Cork Nationals and St Finbarr’s reached the semi final. During their game many disputes arose, one being that Cork nationals claimed a point given to the Barr’s was not a point and therefore would not puck out the ball to restart the game. After an investigation into the matter, the county committee decided that the remaining time would be played by both teams with the winners due to play Passage in the final. The Barrs would not accept the decision and a long protracted series of meetings took place to try and solve the matter. The end result was that the final was never played due to various reasons. The following year, both Passage and Cork Nationals applied to the County Committee for the medals. Extraordinarily, the coveted trophies were granted to the Blackrock based club and so today the Cork County Board records show that the Blackrock based club, Cork Nationals were the first winners of the Cork Senior Hurling Championship. The County committee denied Passage the opportunity of achieving truly historic status of being the first Senior Hurling Champions of Cork.


South East Division Title Winners

  • Minor Hurling Championship 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1946, 1949, 1950
  • Minor Football Championship 1933, 1934, 1945.
  • Carrigdhoun Junior Hurling Championship Winner 1931, 1945
  • Carrigdhoun Junior Football Championship Winner 1944 Runner-Up 1934, 1951

City Titles

  • City Junior Hurling Championship Winner 2021
  • City Junior Hurling Championship Runner-Up 1990, 1995, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2020
  • City Junior Football Championship Winner 1969, 1980, 1982, 1989, 1993, 1994 Runner-Up 1966, 1967, 1970, 1981, 1992, 2020
  • City Junior B Football Championship Winners 1982, 2012,
  • City U-21 Football Championship winners 2003, 2010, Runners up 2013
  • City U-21 B Hurling Championship Winners,1982, 1990, 2018
  • Cork City Minor Hurling B Championship Winners 1971,1981,1999, 2005
  • Cork City Minor Hurling B League, winners 1959, 1963, 1972, 1998
  • Cork City McSwiney Cup Football Winners 1966, 1967, 1970, 1980, 1981, 1982
  • Cork City McCurtin Cup Hurling, winners 2002

Notable players

Inter-County Roll of Honour
The following Passage players have won major honours at Inter-County level

  • Justin McCarthy All Ireland Senior Hurling 1966
  • Eddie O’Brien All Ireland Senior Hurling 1970
  • Joe Murphy All Ireland Senior Hurling 1970
  • Justin McCarthy Munster Senior Hurling 1966, 1969, 1972
  • Eddie O’Brien Munster Senior Hurling 1969, 1970
  • Joe Murphy Munster Senior Hurling 1969, 1970
  • Pat Quigley Leinster Senior Hurling 1970
  • Justin McCarthy National Hurling League 1969, 1972, 1974.
  • Eddie O’Brien National Hurling League 1969, 1970
  • Joe Murphy National Hurling League 1970
  • Bernie Meade National Hurling League 1969
  • Justin McCarthy Railway Cup Hurling 1968, 1969.
  • Justin McCarthy Oireachtas Hurling 1974
  • Weeshie Murphy Oireachtas Hurling 1975
  • Mick Kenny All Ireland Junior Hurling 1925
  • Paddy Healy All Ireland Junior Hurling 1925
  • Cyril Healy All Ireland Junior Hurling 1955
  • Frank Maxwell All Ireland Junior Hurling 1958
  • John O’Reilly All Ireland Junior Hurling 1958
  • Ger Hanley All Ireland Junior Hurling 1983
  • Frank Maxwell Munster Junior Hurling 1958, 1960.
  • Mick Kenny Munster Junior Hurling 1925
  • Paddy Healy Munster Junior Hurling 1925
  • Billy McNamara Munster Junior Hurling 1932
  • Jack Beale Munster Junior Hurling 1932
  • Cyril Healy Munster Junior Hurling 1955
  • John O’Reilly Munster Junior Hurling 1958
  • John Maxwell Munster Junior Hurling 1959
  • Martin O’Donoughue Munster Junior Hurling 1960
  • Ger Hanley Munster Junior Hurling 1983
  • Justin McCarthy Munster Intermediate Hurling 1964
  • John Barry Munster Intermediate Hurling 1965
  • Bernie Meade All Ireland Under 21 Hurling 1968, 1969
  • Justin McCarthy All Ireland Under 21 Hurling 1966
  • Eddie O’Brien All Ireland Under 21 Hurling 1966
  • Joe Murphy All Ireland Under 21 Hurling 1968
  • Timothy O’Shea All Ireland Under 21 Hurling 1970
  • Bernie Meade Munster Under 21 Hurling 1968, 1969
  • Justin McCarthy Munster Under 21 Hurling 1966
  • Eddie O’Brien Munster Under 21 Hurling 1966
  • Joe Murphy Munster Under 21 Hurling 1968
  • Timothy O’Shea Munster Under 21 Hurling 1970
  • David Keane Munster Under 21 Hurling 1977
  • George Sullivan Munster under 21 Hurling 1971
  • Cyril Healy All Ireland Minor Hurling 1951
  • John Horgan All Ireland Minor Hurling 1967
  • David Keane All Ireland Minor Hurling 1973
  • John Horgan Munster Minor Hurling 1966, 1967
  • Cyril Healy Munster Minor Hurling 1951
  • Bernie Meade Munster Minor Hurling 1966
  • George SullivanMunster Minor Hurling 1968
  • Timothy O’Shea Munster Minor Hurling 1968
  • Jimmy Horan Munster Minor Hurling 1968
  • Kieran Keane Munster Minor Hurling 1972
  • Ciaran O’Reilly All Ireland Under 21 Football 1980
  • John Murphy All Ireland under 21 Football 1984
  • John Murphy Munster Under 21 Football 1984
  • Ciaran O’Reilly All Ireland Junior Football 1984
  • Jim Sullivan All Ireland Junior Football 1984
  • Ciaran O’Reilly Munster Junior Football 1984
  • Jim O’Sullivan Munster Junior Football 1984